Windy City - Freestyle Log #002

60mph winds & showers following the aftermath of Storm Doris? Sounds like fun to me!! Running Raceflight One here which seems to handle the wind remarkably considering.

This is my progress in the world of freestyle - starting Feb 2017! I've been an avid racer for around a year and a half now, and never really explored freestyle all that much. Since having another play with rates I've found a passion for it, and while I'm not all that good, hopefully this series of videos will show that progress of manoeuvres, flow and general freestylee-ness :)

Even just watching the footage back I can see missed gaps, lack of flow, and so many ways to increase my smoothness, as well as linking stuff together and generally improving. Here's to hoping each one is a step up! :)

Quad Specs:

AstroX X5
Raceflight Revolt on RaceFlightOne
Racerstar V2 20A BLHeli_S
TBS Crossfire Micro Receiver V2
BrotherHobby T1 2300kv
HS1177 FPV camera with 1.8mm Lens
TBS Unify Pro HV
TBS Triumph Antenna
Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 95C
HQProp 5x4x3 V1S / ButterCutters