FirstSTYLE of 2017 - Freestyle Log #001

The first of many freestyle videos to come into 2017. I don't usually freestyle, I never really enjoyed it all that much. But after a revelation on the weekend with changing my rates and putting 2 packs through this quad it just feels right, and of course so much fun. The video feels a bit 'samey' as I ran out of stuff I know, but this will follow my journey through learning all the moves and adding my own flare as well.

This is my 3rd pack on RaceFlight One, only changed slightly from default PIDs, it's near perfect but some bounceback left to tune out.

And yes, annoyingly the video is kinda ruined by the lens protector! That will not be on next time. :)

Quad Specs:

AstroX X5
Raceflight Revolt on RaceFlightOne
Racerstar V2 20A BLHeli_S
TBS Crossfire Micro Receiver V2
BrotherHobby T1 2300kv
HS1177 FPV camera with 1.8mm Lens
TBS Unify Pro HV
TBS Triumph Antenna
Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 95C
HQProp 5x4x3 V1S / ButterCutters