New ZMR250 30 Degree FPV Camera Mount (for PZ0420M)

So, one thing that has always bugged me - camera angle. Thingiverse is brilliant, but none of the camera mounts for the ZMR250 exceed 20 degrees. As I found at Rebound 2015, this was just not enough.

Luckily, someone nice enough in #cleanflight chat has modified the existing 20 degree one to work at 30 degrees.

Here's the angle we achieved:
Profile compared to GoPro mount - identical! :)
Here we can see I had to remove quite a bit of the top plate material to get it out of view of the camera when viewing through the goggles
Had to cut away quite a bit of the top plate

We went through a couple of prototypes as shown here:
Prototypes of camera mount

The top one was the original, sadly the angle meant that the camera connector seen in the first picture was touching the bottom plate, which was no good. The revision below shows we've managed to move the whole mount up by 2.5mm so it's right on the edge, leaving us room of about 1.5mm spare.

It's a tight fit, but there's just enough spare room!

Edit: Mount is here on Thingiverse.