3 Flights 3 Crashes // FULLSPEED 4S

So I needed to test how well this 30 degree PZ0420M mount works, seems like a perfect day to do it, aside from the wind picking up a little.

What can I say, being 100% most of the time on the throttle brings these Dinogy 65C down warm, but 0 puffing. My issue now though is finding props that are strong enough!

Seems the Gemfam 6045's (normal plastic) seem to like exploding, I've not had this before so it must be down to me flying faster than I usually am due to the extra 10 degrees on the camera!

Luckily, I had ordered 10 sets of THuG 6045's a few weeks back ready for #rebound - giving these a go and they seem MUCH better. I'll be sticking to these from now on, nevermind the fact they are cheaper too!

I got some more footage a bit later on in the day, with some tuning done from the blackbox logs, it flies with a lot less micro-oscillations now. I could probably tune it even better, but the oscillations really only come up during a windy day. When it's calm it flies absolutely solid. I'd rather leave it as it is than risk changing it any further, but it's flying even better than it did before which is really nice.