Skunkworx Hobbies Kermit Build (170mm Quadcopter)

Here's the build log for my Skunkworx Hobbies Kermit, certainly my favourite lower powered 170mm quad setups :) On a 1800mAh 3s this will get 10 minutes of flight time!

The frame by itself, with only my DragonFly32 in to see how it stacks.
Note: This is my old DF32 pin setup, since been "lightened" and completely redone to optimize the wiring layout for this quad.
Bare frame

Cracking on with the PDB setup - ESC power wires! Using some spare DYS bl20a from my 250 as I upgraded to Rotorgeeks RG20's.
ESC Power Wires

Signal wires are now on, the 5v regulator is in sat on the PDB and we now have the DF32 wires done accordingly. I've used 2 stack dupont servo connectors for the signal and ground wires, so I can flash them later if required.
More wiring done

Testing camera fitment, something tells me this is going to be tough to get it all in..
Testing camera fitment

Modify the D4R-II to save a little space more than anything, unrequired pin headers removed, and PPM pin permanently joined.
D4R-II gets a makeover

Testing placement of the D4R-II, it fits perfectly here if we ignore the video transmitter.
Fits perfectly

Testing how much angle I can get from the camera
Camera Angle

Let's see why the height of this vTx is rediculous.
Funky vTx
It's the new highly rated Eachine TX600. Quite small but also quite large. We see here with the heatshrink removed there's a giant 5v regulator on it!

Not only that, the product description states it will allow camera 5v output, however the camera wires are on the IN side of the vreg, so you'll be getting the full LIPO power, nice....

Another pic of the height, how it was stacked.
Eachine TX600 and its "built-in" 5v regulator"

Video transmitter is now in place, D4R-II will be going above the flight controller.
vTx installed
I had to annoyingly change this camera out with another spare. I've had 3 of these from Banggood. I wouldn't buy them again anyway, but 2 have been DoA - just provide a black picture.

I've also gone to the trouble of replacing the normal angle lens with a spare wide angle lens from a $9 700tvl I had in the spare parts bin. Much better!!

VTX mounted sideways for easy access. The connector fits PERFECTLY between the nylon standoffs.
vTx channel dipswitches
I still worry that I will damage the VTX in flight, but unless I can find a smaller one to make use of the hole above, then this is how it will stay. I may add some hot glue above and below the connector connecting it to the nylon standoffs - this should provide adequate protection.

And some finished pictures:
Side shot 1
Top down with Bullnose props
The props look so aggressive here. They're closer together than my 6045 gemfans on my ZMR250, and THAT is saying something!
Rear shot 1
Camera recessed in plates

Here you can see how far the camera lens is recessed after I tuned the picture :).

Aaaaaaaaaand that's it!

I plan to use BorisB's Cleanflight branch until 1.10 is in RC or above, to make use of the wonderful Dterm filtering he's implemented. I use it on my ZMR250 and it flies like it's on rails.

Here's a quick video showing such things:

As for full spec here it is:

Skunkworx Hobbies 170mm Kermit frame
MRM DragonFly32 FC
DYS 1306 3100kv motors
HQProp 4045BullNose
Eachine TX600 Video Transmitter + Aerial
Banggood cheapo $12 camera (CMOS :( - CCD coming soon!!!)

Weight: 200g. (wtihout 850mAh 3s).


Since flying it, I decided to take a bit of time to design an antenna protector. The first crash I had was a good few minutes walk away, there was no damage but it had unscrewed the antenna slightly, so being wary of basically powering up a transmitter without an aerial and being able to "burn them out", I made a mount for it:

Kermit Antenna Protector

It works well, and has survived plenty of crashes so far :).