Upcoming Races & General Stuff.. :)

I don't usually write posts without meaningful content, so this will be one of very few that is structured in such a way, but I figured it was worth writing one just to let whoever reads it frequently know about the goings on etc.

From now on until the end of October, posts will be very few and far between, the race schedule and race prep schedule are just too tight to get anything else done inbetween, and so everything is been postponed until then. I have iSeries written up and ready to go, just waiting on the go-ahead so that will appear in the next day or two :)

Race Schedule

  • 1st-2nd October - BFPVRA British Championships - this is the race we've been waiting for all season. Pilots had to make it to at least one Qualifying Event in order to qualify for the British Championships, and this will be the meeting of all meetings when it comes to top UK pilots in one place. Battling it out for the 2nd UK-based "official" championships, this will be the first race that allows so many new faces to join in, following the huge boom of interest from new FPVers all across the country! I qualified at several events including Whitechapenl, Thunderdrone, Deltahawks, Queens Cup and Formula FPV. In fact, the only one I missed was Scottish Championships, as it clashed with iSeries :)
  • 6th-9th October - Directly after the British Championships we have the ERSA Euro Cup that also required pilots to qualify at special events hosted throughout Europe and Russia. I managed to qualify back at Weston Park by the skin of my teeth and so could not miss such an event in a cool location! We actually fly out on the 4th, so I have literally 2 days of prep time from the British Championships until my plane to get ready, no pressure then!!
  • 17th-22nd October - Drone Worlds! This is the big one. I took one of two places up for grabs at Queens Cup (this was no easy challenge with 54 of the UK's best going for it), and could not believe it. For me, this was the one accomplishment I can hold my head up high for - when we heard of the World Championships back at the start of the year I saw it as a goal for next year, not really thinking I could get into the right skill level to do it. After months and months of blood, sweat, tears but also dedication I managed to do it! I will be taking part as part of FuriousFPV (a new sponsor if you were not aware), and will be over there for 10 days to compete as an individual and hopefully as a team if the rest of the UK's qualified pilots can make it over there. I am over there for 10 days so aside from the official racing I really hope we get to fly some utterly crazy spots, I'm looking forward to it :)

October is set to be a very busy month, I have just managed to scrape together enough Paid Time Off at work to cover it, and while they are in exotic locations you can be sure it will not be a holiday even with all the fun we'll have! I will of course be doing blog posts for each event, but it is unlikely they will be done until after all of the events have taken place, there is simply not enough time in a day to do it all!

I have some more reviews scheduled to take place, including the TBS Unify Pro HV, TSX200 and some other bits and bobs that maybe of interest. I hope you can appreciate that it will be a very hectic month, I'll be updating Facebook, Instagram and all the other usual social media outlets so if you want to stay up to date on what I'm doing and where then please Follow/Subscribe or whatever they call it these days :) I currently have no suitable laptop to do video rendering which is a big limitation being over there, but I'll see what I can do in the meantime, otherwise I'm going to run out of storage space!!

At current my quads are not ready (which is a little worrying!!), I am waiting on parts for all 4 I am building (they will be identical spec, with spares at hand also). I don't really know what to expect for any of the events except for the British Championships, so I'd rather go as prepared as possible and have the backups if and when I need it. I will post more about those in due course, no doubt you'll have seen some pictures hinting at specs already.

Wish me luck, because I am coming to these events, and I mean business :D