iSeries Race #3 @ UKDSRacing

The next race for the iSeries indoor championship at UKDS Racing in Nottingham! I never competed to the first one due to DRL commitments and not wanting to mix up my quads as I was completely used to Racer 3, but decided flying different quads was actually a good thing some time later so competed in Race 2. I was doing great in Race 2 and made it into the semis but sadly had a collision with another pilot and that took me out of the runnings, and I ended up in 10th place.

This time I wanted to go that one step further and at least make the finals. Here's one of my relatively clean runs from the qualifying before Quarter and Semi finals. I had managed to obtain 4th place in qualifying which was ideal, I'd learnt the track and was improving on my lines without risking pushing too hard! Sadly in my quarters I messed up going too low on the high gate hairpin, and powered up straight into the ceiling :D my battery ejected and well that was that lol. I did however make 9th place this time round, so I have improved by 1!

The track for me was not my favourite I must admit, too many right-hand turns this time around and during one of the rounds I actually zoned out and got lost, having to ask my spotter (Brett) where I needed to go! This event actually took place before Delta Hawks (the day before), but only just got around to processing the footage now. You'll see in both flights there is a very constant video noise throughout - I have tracked it down to some failed filtering in my Unify and have since replaced it, hoping that this will cure it.