UK Regions Race - North vs Midlands vs South to crown the fastest area in England!

What was originally a battle of the North vs South to decide which side was faster turned into a full 3-way race-off with the top 12 pilots from each area (North vs South vs Midlands) in an attempt to be crowned fastest region in England.

Ben from Drone Racing Events setup an awesome track designed by Lee Underwood that had a ton of gates (around 26 I believe) to test the skill of all competitors, with each 'Team' sending up 2 of their pilots in a head to head, in an effort for everyone to fly against each other. People earned points based on their finishing position which tallied up to declare a winning team.

North: 670
Midlands: 524
South: 413

So we ended up coming away with a 2nd, which was very respectable considering the pilots we had to contend with! Congrats to the South and commiserations to the South, without us they would have had a guaranteed 2nd place :D

Product reviews:
HQProp -
Runcam -
Pulse -

Quad Specs:

Race Quad

KoreKoncept Chroma LED Driver
Raceflight Revolt
FrSky X4R-SB Receiver
T-Motor F-40 Pro 2400kv
RunCam Swift 2
TBS Unify Pro HV
TBS Triumph Stubby Antenna
Pulse 1550mAh 95C Graphene
HQProp 5x4.3x3