Tranquil // Freestyle Log #015

This is another place found from cycling around all the random bridleways and public footpaths with the eBike (now up to nearly 250 miles!!!), by far the best tool I've found to hunt out epic spots and actually just really appreciate all the cool scenery around we often never notice. This place was pretty tough to get to (very much overgrown but NOT trespassing), and such a rewarding place to fly it's unreal!

This is another one of my videos where I think there's a ton of progression shown. I decided to keep the footage as a whole unedited piece, and while there are some slower parts or parts that could be edited out to make it more appealing, it's a piece of my evolution in freestyle for me to look back on for my own personal progression. I'll definitely be coming back here when the weather brightens up again, such a relaxing and awesome bit of landscape.