This is... DRL Racer 3 // DRL 2017 Drone

For those that haven't seen yet, I'll be taking part in the 2017 season of Drone Racing League!! I'm super excited to get the opportunity to be apart of what I would consider the best racing league for drone racing right now, and can't wait to battle it out against the other 15 competitors!

For me it's always been a bit of a pipe dream since I first watched YouTube videos of DRL back in late 2015, it was predominantly US based at the time so most of us the UK thought we had no chance and that it would stay as a US thing. As the 2016 season progressed and aired on TV we saw our very own UK pilot Tom Smith go head to head against people from all over the world, including the US! Once that had happened it was really just a personal goal of mine to get the chance to fly on arguably the coolest tracks in the world, in locations we'd never normally get to fly at, so I just kept pushing myself to do as well as I could in races anywhere I went, and train as much as I can to further my own abilities!

I'll be doing a much longer post in due course with information on how I joined, all the rundown on Racer 3 and anything else I can provide in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that, but for now here's some footage I've captured over the past 4 months of practicing with Racer 3!