Samey Same // Freestyle Log #016

We're back to one of my favourite and closest spots after a long day at work, with nobody around it's a great place to just float around and zone out from anything. I recorded this just before a race and was having great fun, though of course you always have that moment (at least I do), when you get back home and review the footage and you think it is not even worth posting!

Due to being a log sort of format (the videos), I wanted to keep it anyway as I think even backwards progression is worth posting, I mean it's impossible to always keep improving right? For me, I definitely had fun, though feel like the flying wasn't some of my best and there seemed to be a lot of repetition. I think my aim for the next few days is to learn some more stuff and try and implement that into my flying, and see where I can go from there. There's a lot more race events now so it's difficult to find the time and locations to just go and practice, rather than 'seeking that footage for a video'. At least with this series though and how I designed it that is possible :)

Product reviews:
HQProp -
Runcam -
Pulse -

Quad Specs:

Freestyle Quad

Armattan Chameleon
KoreKoncept Chroma LED Driver
FrSky X4R-SB Receiver
T-Motor F-40 Pro 2400kv
RunCam Swift 2
TBS Unify Pro HV
TBS Triumph Stubby Antenna
Pulse 1300mAh 95C Graphene
HQProp 5x4.3x3