Ruin The Hobby

With the weather in the UK being pretty bad, and the fact it's dark after I finish work every day I've taken to both sim practice and other such means (GTA as you'll see here...). The GTA FPV mod is fantastic, there's so many cool things to explore, so many epic places to fly and actually so many flying opportunities I would just never do in real life for the sake of the community and my own morals. But here, it's different. I'll be uploading various videos from the GTA sim, and hopefully they're enjoyable - it's a bit different to my usual videos but we'll see how they go. If you do enjoy them, or not, please let me know, I'd love to hear feedback!

GTA 5 Setup:
Script Hook -
Drone Mod -
XB360 Taranis Emulation -
Redux -
Installation Tutorial -

Product reviews:
HQProp -
Runcam -
Pulse -
Tiny Whoop -
Team Blacksheep -