OrangeRX - The Fix!

I'll get straight into the post and give you the low down. My friend Ben Drew spent an afternoon playing around with channel weights, number of channels, and various DSM2/X speeds, and finally found a working one!!

Working module

Note: This is the new module HobbyKing released around 4 days ago (16th May 2016) - if you have bought the previous v1.1 or v1.0, chances are it may not work, but try anyway!

Instructions (for the new module)

  1. Setup Taranis with normal 6 channels (TAER and Channel 6 are the only important ones)
  2. Force module into DSM2 mode (triple press to change modes - see instructions)
  3. Set PPM rate to 30.5ms, set channels to 1-12 (this should be done if you have 12 output channels)
  4. Bind
  5. FLY!!!!

Note: Sometimes it may not reconnect if your Taranis is powered on, simply turn it off and on again to allow it to connect again. You don't need to rebind.

Here's some pictures of what it should look like:

30.5ms 300u
Working channels

That's it!

I'm hoping to confirm if other modules work in this way, but the key thing is setting it to DSM2 and getting that PPM rate at 30.5ms.

If you find any more modules that work please let me know and I can add them to the list with instructions!

Ben has also reported intermittently working with 1-8 channels selected, dsm2 and PPM rate of 20.5ms, but he says it can drop out. 30.5ms has been OK for him so far.

NOTE: If when you full throttle your quad is doing crazy stuff, you can reduce the weights of your channels (these are reported good on V1.2 module);

Channel weights

Other working modules:

  • OrangeRX DSM2/X module (with dipswitches) - reports of this working - around 2014-2015.
  • OrangeRX DSM2 Module (no dipswitches) - no longer available (discontinued around 2010).