/Max Q/ DRL Racer 3 @ Drone Racing Manchester

I spent the day up at http://droneracingmanchester.com/ as the weather forecast for the typical UK Bank Holiday weekend was awful. Filled with really just non-stop flying I managed to fly a whopping 69 packs before stopping. This was actually one of the last packs, though I was pretty consistent throughout with sub 20 laps from the get go (around pack 2 I hit 18.5). Most of the packs were spent playing around with different throttles to make sure I know exactly how the Racer 3 handles at every different voltage and sag at different parts, before finally deciding to go for one single good run and I managed to nail these 4 laps. The leaderboard for this track sits the fastest pilot at around 17.5 seconds, so to only be half a second behind with what is essentially a 1 Kg bus is really awesome.

I've watched the video myself a dozen times, and what is really fascinating is how much full throttle yet total control there is towards the last lap. I'm really getting the most out of the Racer 3. There's points I can tidy up, there's parts I can make faster, but overall I'm super happy with the run and how the video came out. I'm a little gutted there's no sub 18 second lap in there and I'm not sure if I hit one in the whole day (we were using VTX timing which seems to be pretty inaccurate), but it maybe in one of the other recordings I took.

Overall it's a really cool place, the owners are awesome, the amount of flying you get is obviously awesome, and the track/size is really good for practising.