Mad Dogs - September 2015

The Meet

Location? Oxford

Who? Invite only

When? 26th-27th September, 2015.

What? Anything FPV - fast/slow/long-range/quads.

What an awesome event, being the first Mad Dogs I could finally get to (wanted to go to 2 or so other ones but was never free).

Luke (BanniUK) brought with him his gates and flags, so we had a racing course setup using some of the trees in the field, and had some epic fun practicing, it really really helped.
By the end of the day, I was storming through it, to the point I felt I wanted to increase the camera angle. I decided not to as I don't want to go TOO fast, I need to be able to fully control this angle before I'm satisfied about increasing it - particularly as the Rotor-Racing FPV Race event is on this coming Sunday (3rd October).

I also managed to get to re-tune my quad with the latest version of Betaflight, and what a pleasure it is to fly, got it flying absolutely superbly on PID Controller 1. I still need to give PID 2 a go, but at the moment I see no reason to.

Here's a short video that I've done so far for it:

More to follow.