HQProp 6x3.5 Testing


So, it's quite simple. I had spoken to and also inspected Metalldanny's quad during Formula FPV and I had noticed he was using some new weirdly designed prop. He had explained that he didn't like the normal 6045 propellors as when you go full throttle, even with 25-30 degrees of camera tilt, you still gain far too much altitude. This is fine if you are a freestyler, but for racing it is not ideal because you need to go through gates.

I got a few test sets through from HQProp, and with the weather being nice decided to give them a go. The video of which can be seen here:


I love them. This sounds a little over the top, but they are truly amazing. The best props I've used on my quad so far, without a shadow of a doubt. Aside from being super durable (broken 2 propellors in 3 very hard crashes - this would usually take 2, 3 or even 4 of the THuG props in just one crash), Metalldanny was exactly right. There's a strange feeling when flying them - you accelerate at the right angle and you just pick up speed, and quickly. There's no silly altitude gain, you just accelerate forward, and FAST!

I absolutely cannot wait to get these testing on a full-size course (I have enough gates to do so but it was the first session with the other 2 pilots so I didn't want them all crashed into :D), but also cannot wait for the next big racing event, but I think these will give me the advantage I need. When I came away from the Rotor-Racing event on Saturday I knew I had around 4-6 seconds to gain - on a course of 22-28 seconds this is quite a feat, but now I know where I can make up a huge amount of time, and hopefully most of that..

People say "Oh well just increase the camera angle" - well I'm already at around 25-30 degrees as shown previously in the blog, and once you go any further you are more likely to make mistakes as I feel like you have less control over the quad when at such an extreme angle, particularly when it comes to yaw.

If you are running 6" props, I urge you to check out a set and see what you think, I think they are brilliant!