Hotel Float // Freestyle Log #009

Here's some chilled flying after we had finished filming one of the DRL races for 2017. It's great to get back on the sticks, despite racing hard for a couple of days the first thing we all just want to do is go and rip some packs. There's nothing better than just floating around the air free and appreciating how far the sport has come and how good we all have it right now in terms of how stable footage we can get. Granted, I have a fair few bumps here (dodgy ESC again not helping with a lack of power and literally a fresh flash of Raceflight), but still epic fun.

I've had a bit of a delay in posting this video, mainly as I had to practice a ton for DRL and real life events got in the way but I'm hoping to create more frequent content which will air every Wednesday from now on, Freestyle/Racing or otherwise! :) so if you are interested in seeing said content then please subscribe! If you're just joining now, you may want to check the start of my Freestyle logs, I started it all over again at the start of this year and you can see my progress! I think I've already developed a freestyle 'style', but I've also noticed some bad habits, so I'm hoping to change that as videos progress and reflect back on where I'm up to, trying to improve as I go! :)

Quad Specs:

Armattan Chameleon
Raceflight Revolt on RaceflightOne (RC229)
Spedix 25A BLHeli_S
FrSky X4R-SB Receiver
GemFan 2205 2300kv
RunCam Swift 2
TBS Unify Pro HV
TBS Triumph Stubby Antenna
Turnigy Graphene 1300mAh 4s 65C
HQProp 5x4.5x3 V3 Props