Get That Flow // Freestyle Log #012

For this freestyle log I decided to change up some of my quad settings in order to 'get that flow'. I'd been speaking to Leo about his freestyle video's after flying with him at the session we had in #010 and his looked soooooooo good I knew I wanted to change my rates up. The immediate thing I could see is that actually his final rates at the end of the stick were definitely much higher than mine, allowing him to do super easy snap rolls, while still having a similar center stick. The obvious choice is to just increase the superexpo figure until I get the final value I want, but I thought I'd actually just change it up even more to see how it felt, and that's what I did! I remember seeing JohnnyFPV posting a video of his rates and PIDs a few months back, and thought you know what why not try them - his videos are sooo good and while he's a thumber on the sticks, his endpoints are in that region I'm looking for, and maybe mixing up the center stick will make me more fluid too.

And here's the result! This is actually my 2nd of 5 packs in the session I had, it's not 100% refined but I feel like it gives me the ability to flow so much easier, and it feels awesome to fly. I guess it's like re-adjusting your car seat position after using the same position religiously - a change feels good and helps explore new avenues. This is nearly a one-take video, but I wanted to include some of my other fun bits at the start that I thought were video-worthy, but in my progression of freestyle I think I'm really quite proud of this one. I'm learning new stuff every time still, and now starting to put them together for the 'one-pack' videos. I'm actually super happy with these rates too, so will continue to use them as well as playing around.

Get your flow on! :D

Song: Port by OTR: