Delta Hawks @ Moira Canal Festival 2017

Last years Delta Hawks race at Moira Canal festival was damn epic, I managed to come away with 1st place and that was one of my very few first place finishes throughout the year (it's tough in the UK when you have Gary, Luke and now Brett dominating!), and this year was just as much fun as the last!

The course was a lot smaller but still on the edge of battery limits which allowed full on racing and overtaking pretty safely. It also mean crazy speeds were achieved and you had to make sure you were lined up for your next objective otherwise you lose a good few spots on your lap times and get down ranked because of it.

I ended up taking third place this time round with Leo just ahead and Gary taking the 1st place win! This was the 2nd race of the weekend so expect more footage to follow from iSeries :) another epicly fun race where we got super lucky with the weather all day up until the drive home where of course in UK fashion it poured with rain.

This video features the A finals, I made a fair few mistakes here but managed to excel in other areas. If I had not made so many mistakes maybe I'd have been able to take on Leo but still a great result and a podium for this years start into racing :)