2017 - What A Year!

2017 has been an exceptionally wild ride and here's just a few clips of some of my best memories, I've still missed a good chunk out but these are the ones that stick in my mind and I will remember them forever. I'm especially grateful to have made it into the DRL 2017 season and it's a whole host of adventures and good times I'll never forget. It's one of those things that many pilots aspire to fly in, and I still can't believe to this day that it happened. There's also been some epic fun at the local races with both the old and many of the new faces we've seen come this year and really shake up the podiums!

There's no slick editing here, but what I've added are all flights I think have significance of some sort - whether it be demonstrating progression or just some of the awesome locations I've managed to fly in this year. What I love is seeing the progress and how my flying has changed as the year has progressed. I've had to overcome a lot of hurdles including switching from Thumbs to Hybrid Pinching halfway through the season due to the high rates used on the DRL quads, as well as adapting to such tracks while trying to maintain my local leaderboard positions.

00:00 - Practice (racing quads)
00:11 - More track practice (practice DRL Racer 3)
00:21 - DRL Racer 3 Promo footage
00:28 - DRL 2017 Level 1: Miami Lights DVR
00:47 - Atlanta Freestyle with WildWIlly & StingersSwarm
00:57 - Norcross Parking Lot freestyle
01:01 - Skitzo Legendary Trailer Park
01:16 - Moving to Hybrid Pinching
01:23 - DRL 2017 level 4: Boston Foundry DVR
02:28 - Boston Hotel Ripping
02:22 - iSeries at UKDS quad chasing
02:49 - Freestyle practice
02:57 - Post-iSeries Freestyle
03:11 - Delta Hawks race practice
03:25 - Freestyle smoothness
03:31 - Freestyle smoother
03:38 - Freestyle continuation
03:44 - Delta Hawks chase & overtake
03:57 - Epic Freestyle spot
04:04 - DRL Racer 3 Reading (UK) Race - vs Gab707 & WildWilly
04:19 - iFPV Charity Race
04:42 - HD Race Practice
05:06 - KCL BFPVRA Qualifier
05:27 - Regional Race
05:52 - Insomnia i61 Championship Race
06:09 - Race Practice
06:27 - 6s 6" Freestyle
06:39 - Braap freestyle
06:54 - Final Winter Freestyle

I'm hugely thankful to all of my sponsors who have helped me on my journey so far, and a huge thanks goes out to every single one of them, both past and present, who have believed in me enough to stand behind me. I look forward to the adventures that 2018 will bring, and I'll be even more prepared than ever..!

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