Dirt Track; 1 Pack! // Freestyle Log #013

Having the Ebike has meant I've been riding around a ton, being on the edge of city means I can go and explore places that wouldn't usually suit a car, but are still however public footpaths. I've found some real gem locations to fly so I'm pleased that there'll be some cool new locations appearing in my freestyle videos.

Onto this video! This is seemingly a dirt track for motocross or something, I filmed this in 1 pack but the original video is nearly 4 minutes (sorry lipo!!!), so I've trimmed down some of the lower/less exciting bits. It's awesome to think that I think I'm nearly at the stage of doing a full "1 pack video" without any editing though, and the best thing is I'm not even trying to, I'm just realising feeling the environment a lot more and trying to think one step ahead for what places I can fly through or tricks I can do next!

For those wondering about DRL videos, they are coming...! I have around 250-300 GoPro recordings to go through, it's a pretty daunting process but I have a schedule I'm going to try and work towards so expect some content soon, I may even have some VLOGs if the content is as I planned.