HQProp - Makers of High Quality Propellors I've always liked the HQProp range, so when I was contacted by their team to use their props permanently, there was clearly only one answer! I have these propellers to provide the best thrust, battery life while being strong enough to not completely shatter in a crash :). They are a fantastic company to deal with and really aim to satisfy the customer, producing new design and new sizes to accommodate all that we FPV pilots demand in this ever growing hobby. It's hard to keep up with tech at the best of times, but having the propeller to use said tech is entirely where it's at.




FuriousFPV are the new innovators in multirotor racing products and have been taking the FPV community by storm with their new lineup of products that offers features, form-factor and new all-in-one solutions that nobody else has. I will be working with FuriousFPV in the testing and development of existing products, as well as prototypes and bringing to market new products that meets the demands of our high speed racing. I have also joined as a UK Factory pilot and will be competing at events in the future representing Furious FPV at events throughout the world, including the ERSA Cup in Ibiza (6-9th Oct), and Drone Worlds in Hawaii (17th-22nd Oct).


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