Race Results

Here's my (hopefully) up-to-date list of race results:

Date Name Quali. Pos. Final Pos
August 2015 Rebound N/A 1st
September 2015 Formula FPV 11th 5th
October 2015 LHMFC FPV 5th 1st (B Final)
April 2016 Thunderdrone Part 1 5th 1st (B Final)
May 2016 Mini Airshow 1st 1st
May 2016 Delta Hawks (Moira Canal Festival) 1st 1st
July 2016 Delta Hawks (Bredon on the Hill) 1st 5th
June 2016 Weston Park 7th 2nd (B Final)
July 2016 Farnborough International Airshow 2nd ?
July 2016 Queen's Cup 2nd 2nd
August 2016 Formula FPV 11th 3rd
August 2016 iSeries Insomnia Gaming Festival (i58) 3rd 4th
October 2016 British Championships 2016 5th 7th
October 2016 ERSA European Championships 2016 20th 20th*
October 2016 Drone Worlds 2016 Unknown Unknown
December 2016 iSeries 2 at UK Drone Show 4th 2nd
December 2016 Rotor-Racing Christmas Challenge 2016 8th 2nd (B Final)
  • for the ERSA Championships we never got to finish the racing due to severe weather wiping out race control and the course itself. I had won my first knockout race despite seeding in 3rd place for it, so it was looking good.

Unofficial Official UK Leaderboard

You can also find me on the UK's "unofficial official UK leaderboard" on iFPV here.


Aside from the racing, I've also had the opportunity of being a pilot in "unsual" conditions.

September 2016 - Porsche TV Ad

A TV ad featuring the all-new 718 Cayman S versus some TBS Discoveries in an epic race to the finish. Can we take all 3 lives from the car, or will he race to victory? Great fun shooting this with friends and the all-famous YouTuber Ali-A!

July 2016 - Ascot TV Ad

A TV ad featuring an unsual team-based horse race (Shergar Duty Cup), meant an unusual advert to celebrate it. Again, awesome awesome fun.

April 2016 - Argos TV Ad

Airing on all major UK television channels throughout May 2016 I was lucky enough to be one of the pilots to take part in this. Absolutely awesome fun.